Benefits Of Ozone Therapy by Dr. Robert Rowen, MD. 
Ozone -A Powerful Natural Miracle!

Ozone is another viable alternative cancer treatment that has received unwarranted bad press by conventional medicine promoters. 

Through the action of lightning, nature produces ozone which has a purifying effect on our air. Ozone has a proven oxidizing, antiseptic and germicidal effect and has been used for these purposes for many years. Ozone (03) is electrified oxygen (O2) regardless of the technique used to manufacture it and is sometimes called triatomic, or polymeric oxygen. It is an allotropic form of oxygen and is the most active state of oxygen. It has been observed that ozone: 

■Inactivates viruses, bacteria, yeast fungi and protozoa 
■Stimulates the immune system 
■Supports and enhances the healing process 
■Cleans arteries and veins 
■Breaks up red blood cell clumping 
■Purifies blood and lymph 
■Normalizes hormone and enzyme production 
■Reduces inflammation 
■Reduces pain and calms nerves 
■Stops bleeding 
■Prevents shock
■Scavenges free radicals 
■Prevents stroke damage 
■Reduces cardiac arrhythmia 
■Improves brain function, and memory 
■Oxidizes toxins, facilitating their elimination 
■Increases the amount of oxygen in the blood 
■Stimulates production of all protective cell enzymes 
■Prevents and reverses degenerative diseases 
■Prevents and treats communicable diseases 
■Prevents and eliminates auto-immune diseases 
Other Diseases Ozone has shown effectiveness
against these conditions:

■Acariasis Cryptospiridiosis 
■Acrodermatitis Cytomegalovirus 
■Acute otitis media 
■Acute vestibulopathy 
■Addisons disease 
■Allergies/hayfever ALL types 
■Alopecia Ehrlichiosis 
■ALS (Lou Gehrig disease) 
■Alzheimer's disease 
■Anal fissures 
■Ankylosing spondylitis 
■Apthous stomatitis 
■Arterial occlusion 
■Athlete's foot 
■Back problems 
■Bacterial infections 
■Bacterial pneumonia 
■Bell palsy 
■Blood disorders 
■Bornholm myalgia 
■Bronchopulmonary aspergillus 
■Bullous pemphigus 
■Burkit lymphoma 
■Cancer ALL types 
■Candida albicans 
■Candidosis vaginalis 
■Canker sores 
■Cavernous sinus thrombosis 
■Cerebral atrophy 
■Cerebral sclerosis 
■Cerebro vascular accident 
■Chagas disease 
■Chicken pox 
■Chronic pain 
■Chronic pulmonary disease 
■Chrons disease 
■Circulatory problems 
■Cirrhosis of the liver 
■Colorado tick fever 
■Contact dermatitis 
■Corneal ulcers 
■Cutaneous larva migrans 
■decubitus ulcers 
■Dengue fever 
■Ear infections 
■Enteric fever 
■Enteritis necroticans 
■Environmental hypersensitivity 
■Epidermoid carcinoma 
■Epidermolitic keratosis 
■Epstein-Barr virus 
■Erythema migrans 
■Food poisoning 
■Fulminant varicella 
■Fungal diseases - ALL types 
■Gastrodujodenal ulcers 
■Gastrointestinal disorders 
■Genital warts 
■Glomerular membrane disease 
■Goodpasture syndrome 
■Gout Ocular trachoma 
■Graves disease 
■Guillan-Barre syndrome 
■Hairy leukoplakia 
■Heart arrhythmia 
■Heart disease 
■Hemolytic anemia 
■Hemorrhagic fever 
■Hepatitis ALL types 
■Herpes ALL types 
■High Cholesterol 
■Huntingdon chorea 
■Ileitis Polyoma virus 
■Intravascular coagulation 
■Ischemic optic neuropathy 
■Kyanasur Forest disease 
■Landry syndrome 
■Lassa fever 
■lung problems 
■Lupus erythematosus 
■Lyme disease 
■Lymphocytic choriomeningitis 
■Lymphoid pneumonia 
■Macular degeneration 
■Meniere disease 
■Molluscum ecthyma 
■Morphine poisoning 
■Mucous colitis 
■Multiple sclerosis 
■Muscle cramps 
■Myasthenia gravis 
■Mycobacterium avium complex 
■Nerve related disorders 
■Neutropenia colitis 
■Optic nerve dysfunction 
■Optic neuritis 
■Oral erythema 
■Orbital cellulitis 
■Parkinson's disease 
■Pediculosis Urethritis 
■Pelvic inflammatory disese 
■Pernicious anemia 
■Peyronie's disease 
■Poor circulation 
■Postpartum fever 
■Proctitis Acne Cystitis 
■Prostate enlargement 
■Pulmonary Fibrosis 
■Pulmonary toxiplasis 
■Relapsing fever 
■retinitis pigmentosa 
■Reynaud's disease 
■Reynold's syndrome 
■Rheumatoid arthritis 
■Rift Valley fever 
■Scars after radiation 
■Senile demetia 
■Senile macular degeneration 
■Sennutsu fever 
■Sepsis control 
■Sickle cell anemia 
■Skin burns 
■Skin problems ALL types 
■Spider veins 
■Stiatonigral degeneration 
■Strychnine poisoning 
■sudeck's disease 
■Tardive dyskinesia 
■Thoracic zygomycosis 
■Thrombopenic purpura 
■Tinea versicolor 
■Tourette syndrome 
■Toxic amblyopia 
■Traveller's diarrhea 
■Trench fever 
■Ulcus cruris 
■Uterine spasm 
■Vaccination damage 
■Varicella pneumonia 
■Varicose veins 
■Vascular retinopathy 
■Viral infections all types 
■Wegener granulomatosis 
■Whooping cough 
■Wound healing disturbances

There are 3 common methods of producing ozone. 

1. Hot Spark 
2. Ultraviolet light 
3. Cold Plasma

Hot spark (corona discharge) production was used mostly for industrial applications, but today you will corona discharge ozone available for personal application. Ultraviolet and cold plasma are most commonly offered in therapeutic work.

Cold plasma will produce far greater quantities of ozone in a given space of time compared to ultraviolet production. However, that is not to say that the ultraviolet method is not a useful method of producing ozone. When you want a smaller, steady trickle of ozone, then UV might be the better choice.

Some cold plasma units also have the capability of producing short-lived isotopes of ozone which include O4, O5, O6, O7 etc. These isotopes are even more reactive than ordinary O3.

Ozone reacts with many common chemcicals, but some compounds are non-reactive. See this link for more information:

Therapeutic Applications 

Ozone can be applied to the body in a number of ways. The Germans have a long history of applying ozone in a therapy known as Autohematherapy. This therapy requires the removal of a pint of blood from the body, ozonating it, and reintroducing the blood into the bloodstream.

A second technique is to introduce the ozone directly into the bloodstream via intravenous injection. The idea of intravenous injection has raised concern with some people concerning the notion of gas embolism which might lead to a heart attack or blockage in the lungs. Gas embolisms, however, do not occur with pure ozone. Air, which is largely composed of 80% nitrogen and 20 % oxygen, will create a gas bubble in the blood at atmospheric pressure, but not ozone. Nitrogen will create a gas bubble in the blood at atmospheric pressure, but not ozone. The rate of ozone delivery and the very small needle used to inject the ozone, guarantee no possibility of gas embolism. Do not allow this bogus fear tactic to keep you from investigating this highly effective and safe therapy!

A third technique is to introduce the ozone gas stream into the colon via the rectum (called Rectal Insufflation).

A fourth technique is to ozonate water and have the patient drink it.

A fifth method is something that I learned from a cancer patient (Mark Blakemore) who was given a couple of months to live by his oncologist. He was able to cure himself of cancer with ozone by allowing a gentle stream of ozone to enter the bloodstream by holding the ozone output tube about one inch from his eardrum in a process known as ear insufflation..

A sixth technique for assimilating ozone through the skin is called an Ozone Shower. You enclose the body part (or the entire patient from the neck down) in a plastic bag or a jumpsuit made of Tyvek (a permeable synthetic fiber) and attach a tube carrying the ozone stream into the bag. The patient is nude if it's a full body application. It's best to warm up the skin and open pores by taking a warm shower beforehand. Breathing a substantial concentration of ozone is irritating to lung tissue, so you should point a fan at the patient's face to keep him from breathing the ozone directly.

The therapeutic properties of ozone can be astounding. Organized Medicine, the FDA, and above all the Pharmaceutical giants have been actively suppressing information about ozone therapy for the better part of this century. Officially, the FDA list ozone as a toxic gas, an utter and contemptible falsehood. Many healers, including licensed MD's and chiropractors have been jailed and viciously harassed for treating (and healing) patients with ozone. Why? It works and the pharmaceutical houses, along with their puppets in the FDA and local medical boards don't want you to know that it works! That's why.

Ozonated Water 

Ozonated water is highly beneficial for either healthy or sickly people. It's easy to make and should be consumed regularly. Besides providing more oxygen to the brain (greater alertness and mental clarity), Ozonated water will oxidize pathogens and synthetics residues in the body, allowing their complete elimination through excretion. To make Ozonated water using our generator, simply place the output tubing with the attached air stone bubbler into a large empty glass or pitcher. Fill half of the glass with ice and top off with clean water ( I normally use distilled or spring water and avoid tap water, but use tap water if you have nothing else. The ozone will oxidize out the undesirable contaminants in tap water).

Run the generator for 5-10 minutes for a large glass of water and 20-25 minutes for a pitcher of water. The purpose of the ice is to make the water as cold as possible in order to absorb more ozone and hold onto it for a longer period of time. Room temperature water loses its ozone within a few minutes. Drink the Ozonated water as soon as you can after making it. The ozone is constantly coming out of solution and will completely dissipate in about 20 minutes, so the sooner you drink it, the more ozone you'll get. Don't try to guzzle it because it's icy water, but keep on sipping it steadily until its all down.

You can extend the 'shelf life' of Ozonated water by adding a couple of drops of ConcenTrace (available in most health food stores as a trace mineral supplement) to the water before you ozonate it. You can then bottle it and keep it in the refrigerator for a few days. Some ozone will attach itself to the minerals in ConcenTrace and prevent it from bubbling out of the water so quickly.

Ozonated Olive Oil 

You can ingest a teaspoon of ozonated olive oil once or twice a day and get a steady internal application of ozone. You can use any olive oil, but I prefer to use organic Extra Virgin Olive oil. I nearly fill an 8 0z. glass jar (with a screw on lid) with olive oil. You can bubble ozone through the oil for 60 minutes if you're using a 100-200mg ozone machine or 30 minutes if you have a 400 mg. ozone machine. After screwing on the lid, you can store it in the refrigerator for about 30 days.

If you have an ozone machine with a heavy duty air pump, you can make concentrated ozonated olive oil by bubbling ozone through olive oil for 2 or 3 or 4 weeks, 24 hours a day. I usually use a round fish bowl half filled with olive oil. At one point in the production process (after a few days), the viscosity of the olive oil will be such that you will get foaming for a while. Using the round fish bowl will cause the foam bubbles to climb up the inside of the fish bowl where its own weight will cause it to drop back into the main body of oil. It's the ideal shape to use to prevent foaming oil from going over the top of your container. I prefer to use a cold plasma ozone generator for all types of ozone applications. Cold plasma has zero nitrogen by-products (a potential drawback to corona discharge machines for internal applications. It's OK for external applications) and yet a very high output of ozone compared to UV, which has a substantially lower ozone output and lower electron spin velocity than cold plasma produced ozone. After placing it in a small jar, you stick it into the freezer for storage (always put it back into the freezer after use in order to retain the maximum potency of ozone).

Technique for Concentrated Olive Oil

Take a wide mouth glass jar or lab beaker or (ideally) a round glass fish bowl and fill it somewhere between one third and one half with olive oil. Don't add more than one half olive oil because you're going to have a mess on your hands later on. Place the special tubing for Ozonated olive oil that came with the generator into the bottom of the jar and turn the generator on. Adjust the flow output valve for a nice even bubbling. I usually loosely place a glass plate on top of the beaker to keep out dust. Any kind of loose tent will work though. After 10 or 12 days, the olive oil will go through a phase where it will produce lots of big foamy bubbles which can rise to the top of the beaker (and possibly overflow-thus the caution about not adding too much olive oil). That phase will pass and the bubbles will soon become much finer and the foam will then become smaller in volume. Eventually, the foaming will stop altogether. After running the process for 3 or 4 weeks, the olive will have a thick, syrupy consistency. You can use this form for oral application or use it for other applications with require a semi- liquid consistency. Use your imagination and run some experiments. Ozonated olive oil is extremely useful. I'm sure you can come up with a few tricks of your own.

By attaching the ozone molecule to the olive oil molecular matrix, you can apply the ozone topically to lesions, cuts, abrasions, infections, scars, wounds, etc. Its therapeutic capacities can be amazing. If you have a serious external lesion or infection that is not healing, you should consider using Ozonated olive oil.

O3 Oxygenated Coconut Oil
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Therapeutic action of ozone is due to the oxygenation of the blood by the loose molecules ("free radicals") of oxygen in ozone. It is carried to the various organs and tissues of the body and absorbed, thus oxidizing the waste, and facilitating their elimination. In other words, Ozone increases the metabolism without the expenditure of vital energy. 

False Information On Ozone

Recently the FDA, and other such suppressive organizations have been trying to destroy the beneficial and life sustaining qualities of ozone by telling the public that ozone is toxic and harms the body. For example, ozone has been blamed for smog. Carbon monoxide, a deadly poison, is present in smog at about 3000 parts per hundred million. Toxic hydrocarbons are present in smog at about 100 parts per hundred million. Ozone is present in smog only briefly at around 25 parts per hundred million. Ozone has a half life of about 20 minutes. 

Ozone in smog is produced by the effect of the sun's energetic photons acting on polluting gases. Single molecules of oxygen are broken off these gases momentarily, but in seconds it reattaches itself to the other gases, which is part of nature's system for cleaning the atmosphere. 

The problem is not one of too much ozone in smog, but not enough ozone in the smog . If sufficient amounts existed, the pollutants would all be oxidized and rendered harmless. 

Ozone is easy to measure, so they use this deceitful tactic to smear the name of ozone. Carbon monoxide is a proven killer. Ozone is a proven health enhancer.